What is Crossyards?

Crossyards is a social website where you can share your thoughts by drawing them onto a rectangular area (yard) using a simple paint tool in your browser. The yards created by the users appear in the main page feeds, the most popular and most recent yards separately. You can also upvote/comment posts you like and follow other users to get notified of their recent creations.

So it's just like 9GAG or Twitter except here every single post has a creative visual or artistic vibe and thus gives the readers a visually more interesting experience.

What is a yard?

Every post in Crossyards is called a yard. It is a visually expressive piece of artwork, a 300x300 pixels wide area that can host a number of hand-drawn sheets positioned and rotated in 3D space. A yard can show a scene, a situation, an event, a story, a snapshot of your memories or your experiences, or basically anything you want to share.

You can build a yard by placing sheets onto the yard's base area and drawing on the sheets - all this in your browser. It's like drawing with MS Paint or Photoshop and placing the drawings in 3D space to give shape to your idea.

What is the Open Range?

Any yard created in Crossyards will become part of a giant global map called the Open Range. It gives visitors a unique browsing experience: you can explore content by navigating through the map, zooming in and out. Also, having your yard on the map gives you a very special feeling of being part of this great community. If you post something your creation will immediately become part of this unique online visual experience.

Why would I want to use Crossyards?

Do you love pixel art? Do you like hand-drawn digital graphics? Do you like stories told in a visually expressive artistic form?

Crossyards is your place to browse interesting content! Also, sharing your story on Crossyards is a lot more exciting thing to do than on other social media sites - and you don't even need to be a 3D artist to create interesting content. People will adore you for being creative and you'll receive feedback from all around the world! You can even curate your own channel of pixel art stories and you may count on getting new followers who like your style!

How can I create a yard?

Click the "Try it" or "Share your thoughts" buttons on the home page and the yard editor will pop up. Or just simply use this one:

The editor works in your browser, you don't need to download any plugins to start drawing. You can use toolbar buttons to add/delete sheets to the yard, use your mouse to drag the sheets to the desired position and some helper knobs will appear if you select a sheet allowing you to rotate it. A built-in pixel-editor allows you to draw on the sheets and even cut them to arbitrary shapes. When you're finished, add a description and publish the yard to the Open Range - it will also appear in the feeds. You can find out more about how the editor works in our users' guide.